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Astro-Chakra Synergy System® Weekly Reading 5 - 11 March - Blogs - New Age

Astro-Chakra Synergy System® Weekly Reading 5 - 11 March - Blogs - New Age


5th to 11th March
*There seems to be a recurring pattern of a couple of weeks with the same chakra, which can only mean we still need to focus on this area. This week we are still called to focus on our Crown chakra, the 7th chakra of enlightenment, awakening and unity.
After the Sun at the 7th chakra last week we are given the gift of the 'Energy' planet Mars, to help us to bring energy, drive and, finally, 'accomplishment' to what we may have started last week.
A special channeling has come through for this week read on and enjoy...have a wonderful week!

***Channeling; We are aware that certain planetary patterns/alignments have occured last week, and previous weeks and some people, (and or astrologers) reading this weekly reading may wonder why we don't mention these kind of things in these readings...this is because we are tuning into a different frequency using this system. While the planetary patterns are indeed powerful and very important we feel that there is enough information on the internet where people may derive this information without us regurgitating the same information here. Therefore, we endeavour to bring awareness to a differing perspective focusing on the frequency with which each planet may be activating your own unique energy systems. While we also acknowledge that the same card cannot possibly fit everyone....maybe it we are all connected and all 'one' on a deeper level. Therefore, this weekly reading is showing a way you may access and indeed as 'one' people, bring a greater understanding within yourselves through the connection with the planet shown here week by week. To some the interpretations may seem infantile or very simple. We all need to be reminded, do we not, from time to time of the simplicity with which life may be approached.
So here we come to this week's planet - Mars. Let us not forget he is the God of war and represents warlike tendencies. However, here he is being shown to us through our Crown chakra, enabling us to approach any disparities and disputes through taking the 'higher ground' and distancing ourselves from the daily grind and the usual base chakra approach of what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine!!!.... (not my words folks, am channeling here...) The message is to take the higher more spiritual approach in all matters. This means to see each situation from the perspective of unity and realising that whatever 'I' may do to hurt 'you' will hurt 'me' as we are connected in the deepest possible way. It is in this way we may ultimately all accomplish our goals, and afterall isn't that a win for everyone.
Now is the time we must cease and desist threats or talks of war. This only empowers the negative influences in the world and feeds this energy.
This is 2012. The year of the 'change over', when we must stop repeating old history over and over. Let's move on up into our 7th chakras and live in the 'penthouse' of our fullest existence where love is our only endeavour and gratitude our biggest outcome. We bring you our gratitude and love. Brotherhood of Light and the Galactic Federation.

*Remember - you can focus on this card using it as an energetic healing tool connecting the Mars through your Crown chakra. Print it out and set a glass of water upon the card and use this as an essence, the vibrational essence of Mars at the 7th chakra. Sip the water during the day or place it in a spray bottle and spray it around your environment. Lovely!

Mars 7: 7th Chakra (Crown)

Mars Keyword: 'Energy'

Colour: Violet

Chakra Keyword: Spirituality



This week focus on putting more of your energy into accomplishing a sense of heightened consciousness. Reconnect with your soul and realign yourself to your spiritual path daily this week. This requires you to put some energy into focusing your awareness intuitively and intentionally connecting with the divine energy which resides within you.

ACTION: Go on a guided meditation journey today and unlock your true inner potential bringing your gifts out into the world.

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