Monday, April 23, 2012

Astro-Chakra Synergy System weekly reading 23rd to 29th April - Humanity Healing Community

Astro-Chakra Synergy System weekly reading 23rd to 29th April - Humanity Healing Community


 23rd to 29th April

*After a few weeks at the Crown chakra we are now re balancing by bringing focus to our lower chakras by the look of it. Last week we were at the 2nd chakra with Uranus and 'Change' and this week we delve further down to our base or root chakra to find Saturn asking us to become more organised.... I know I know.... its time to "clear your clutter!!!"  (I feel this could also refer to mental clutter as well... or maybe that's  just me!)
 Hope you enjoy this week's reading....
Saturn 1: 1st Chakra (root)

Saturn Keyword: 'Discipline'

Colour: Red

Chakra Keywords: Survival, Physical Needs

Card Keyword: 'ORGANISED'


Ask yourself what areas of your life need to become more organized. Is it only certain areas within your home or work environment? Remember that your outer life and surroundings directly mirror your inner state. Take more time today to reflect on how you may rearrange and reorganize your surroundings to bring more order and less chaos into those areas which need it the most. When your surroundings become more organized so will your daily life in general. A feeling of being clearer and increased energy will result from putting a little more effort and time into becoming more organized. Maybe it’s time to change the colours around you, either repaint the walls, a feature wall only or revamp those soft furnishings. Take greater responsibility for your life and your own actions through a more organized approach to life.
ACTION: Take a look at the subtle art of ‘Feng Shui’, the Chinese method of bringing harmony and balance into your environment, by doing a course or borrowing a ‘Feng Shui’ book from your local library. Next, take a tour of your home environment as if you were a guest walking in the front door the very first time. Apply the principles of ‘Feng Shui’ to your home or work environment and see if there is a difference to how you feel.
It’s probably a good time to do a spring-clean to get your own space cleared of clutter. Work methodically with an organised approach, tackling one area at a time.
(If you are like me...time to clean those little annoying blots on the walls or doors you keep walking past and putting off...)

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