Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Astro-Chakra Synergy System® Weekly Reading 11 - 17 June - Blogs - New Age

Astro-Chakra Synergy System® Weekly Reading 11 - 17 June - Blogs - New Age
11th to 17th June
*With the powerful Venus transit last week it is not surprising that Venus pops in again for a visit with the overflowing Venus energy still clearly being activated for everyone this week.
This time she shows up activating our 5th chakra, throat chakra. The energy of Venus has elevated this week within our chakras and has made her way up to the throat to help us with all of our self expression - yet with the emphasis on our feeling nature.... she reminds us to always keep LOVE to the forefront of all of our communications, both with others and also ourself! We are afterall our own harshest critic are we not? I hope you enjoy this weeks reading and please leave me feedback or any questions you may have through my facebook page (look up Brenda Kelly)

reminder of last week

*This week
Venus 5: 5th Chakra (throat)

Venus Keyword: 'Love'
Colour: Blue
Chakra Keywords: Communication, Self Expression

This week focus your attention on expressing love from your heart centre. Bottled feelings are sure to come out at the wrong time and in the wrong way. Say what it is you need to express to those you love and admire. You’ll feel a release and your heart centre expand as you say “I love you”. Don't forget to say it to yourself too while you are at it!
ACTION: Go to your library and read a story for the children or leave a little note of love for that someone special in your life (your mother, father, partner, sister, brother, friend). Call that someone special or SMS them a message of love today. They will appreciate that you thought of them with love. Better yet write a ahndwritten note on beautiful stationary - you can still find it, unbelievable but true - and post it to them. There is something so specail about a handwritten note these days as it so strongly carries your energy within it....and also because they are so rare these days, you will make your loved one/s feel so very special!

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