Sunday, July 15, 2012

Astro-Chakra reading for the week 16 - 22 July

Astro-Chakra Synergy System

Weekly Card Reading

16th to 22nd July
*To the 3rd eye intuitive centre this week with the highly sensitive and spiritual planet of Neptune. Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus, and so a feeling of compassion, love and oneness with all is at a universal level is at play with Neptune this week. The 3rd eye centre of intuitve thought, hunches and guidance will help to inspire you this week. Neptune is also connected with music and creativity. So time to put on that soft floaty music, light some candles and let all of your day to day worries just drift away, surrendering to your higher guidance....sounds good doesn't it! Well it is within your power to make it happen....give yourself a break, you deserve a little 'me time'!
A little thought for the week - make a vibrational essence; before doing the above, make up an essence using the symbol of the card below and spray it around yourself and your room. How? Print out the card below and simply stand a bowl of purified water on top of the symbol and place it out in the sun for 5 minutes or so (or for however long you like really) and then pour it into a spray bottle. Simple! For extra oomph place a Clear Quartz crystal into the bowl of water. This will strengthen the effect of the essecne considerably. Magic!
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Neptune 6: 6th Chakra (3rd eye)

Neptune Keyword: 'Inspiration'

Colour: Indigo

Chakra Keywords: intuition, wisdom

Card Keyword: 'SURRENDER'

NEW - Corresponding crystal ;  Vanadinite


Surrender to your inner-knowing, to your spirit, your Higher Self. Let go of the ego for one day. Allow yourself to rest within the arms of your tender spirit. You need to spend more time alone in silence, stillness and just be. Trust the universe will provide for you and let the feelings and / or answers come to you easily and effortlessly. Give thanks.
ACTION: Make a simple alter combining all of the elements earth, air, fire and water. It can be as easy as gathering a leaf from a tree to symbolize earth, lighting an incense stick for fire, place a little bowl of water or a photo of the ocean for water and a feather for air. It is O.K. to use your imagination and place whatever has meaning for you personally. An altar is a private place of spiritual connection with your inner-self, guides and angels.
Relax, and enjoy your time there.Sit in front of your new altar and visualize what it is you desire. See it and feel it as if it is really happening right now and then release it out to the universe, seeing it float away in a beautiful pink bubble. You can place anything that has a special meaning to you on your altar to further personalize it and make it feel a special place in your home.

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