Sunday, December 16, 2012

Astro-Chakra reading for the week - Blogs - New Age

Astro-Chakra reading for the week - Blogs - New Age

 Astro-Chakra Synergy System Weekly Card Reading

17 - 23 Dec
This week we re moving into the heart chakra. Not surprising we are being supported through such sadness and chaos in this world....
Sending you all my love and light and much happiness for the Christmas holidays
Venus 4: 4th Chakra (heart)
Venus Keyword: 'Love'
Colour: Green
Chakra Keywords: love, relationships
Card Keyword: 'HARMONY'
*Corresponding crystal; Emerald
Relationships thrive on harmonious surroundings and emotional states. Simply being in tune with your partner’s needs and emotions brings a state of harmony into the relationship. Harmony in relationships is like a smooth road. The smoother the surface of the road is, the smoother the journey. What state is your road in? Are there potholes which need fixing? Are the boundaries in tact allowing an easy transition on all entries and exits? Do you travel too quickly to enjoy the scenery along the way? Or, are you going too slowly to keep up with your partner? Your role today, is to bring more harmony into all of your relationships through smoothing out any bumps you have neglected, any situations you need to resolve in a gentle, loving way. All loving relationships need regular check-ups. Concentrate on giving and receiving love in a balanced way. By paying attention in this way, a safe passage and closer loving ties will be guaranteed.
ACTION: Mix a few drops of Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oil with a small amount of Sweet Almond oil and use this to massage your partner’s / friend’s feet at the same that they massage yours.

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