Sunday, December 30, 2012

Astro-Chakra reading for the week - Blogs - New Age

Astro-Chakra reading for the week - Blogs - New Age

 Astro-Chakra Synergy System Weekly Card Reading

31 Dec - 6 Jan
Pluto is reminding us to take care of ourselves
during this silly season....a but of R and R is in order!
Happy New Year and I am sending you all my healing light,
love and much happiness for a safe and magical 2013!
Pluto 1: 1st Chakra (root)
Pluto Keyword: 'Transformation'
Colour: Red
Chakra Keywords: survival, physical needs
Card Keyword: 'RENEWAL'
*Corresponding crystal; Bloodstone
Renewal is all about regenerating, revitalizing and replenishing the areas of your life which call for it the most. As this is relating to the first chakra centre, it is now a survival issue that you restore balance to the areas in your life which have been overlooked or neglected for a while. Take steps to bring your physical body into balance through stepping back and placing more focus on a sense of deep renewal. Allow your life to come into equilibrium through taking a more balanced approach in the area of your basic physical needs. Rest, rest, rest!!!
ACTION: A total revamp may be in order. Focus on the main things you would like to change about your life, body, immediate environment, diet or exercise routine. Make a plan to integrate these changes into your life on a daily basis. Focus on renewal and letting go everything (and everyone) which drains you. Then take some quality timeout for yourself and REST.
Offer to end of Jan
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